Mobile Application Development - It all starts with an idea!

Our Approach to Mobile App Development

No matter what’s the size of your company, you sure might be having your own ideas for expanding a business. But, what happens when the time comes to give that idea a real picture? To have your ideas reform into a software as complex as a mobile app is by no means a child's play. It takes a whole lot of technical efforts and technical expertise to see your visuals in action, test them out, and eventually show them to your audience.

We are here to support you in this journey from vision to reality. And what makes us successful–is our approach to mobile app development!

When it's app development being dealt with, at our firm, we never regret anything! If it turns out to be good, it’s great, if it’s bad, it’s an experience! Following this unique and efficacious approach has always helped us serve our clients with some of the most avant-garde mobile applications. It is our inimitable approach of discovering new innovations & learning from our experiences that has led us to our success in mobile app development over the past years.

Have an Idea? We Would Love to Discuss More!

When you approach us, through call or through email, we will set up an initial consultation meeting–A meeting that bridges the gap between your and our ideas. We'd love to understand about your thoughts, suggestions, and business profile and would love to add our thoughts into how the application can be made more beneficial for your company's business objectives.

Our Planning Is What Makes Us Good!

We are proud to tell you that we are the well-organized folks! Every project at AppSmiths is implemented following our 4D Mobile App Development Process. At the start of every project, we first outline a project timeline and get on with the things while driving you through our 4D process. Here’s how things normally proceed:

  • The 1st D is for Defining – The Define part includes analysis and requirement gathering. In the process of gaining customer insights’, we’ll define what you are expecting and what we are going to deliver. We’ll give you an exact estimate of the scope, budget, time, technology tools, and methodology used in the project.
  • The 2nd D is for Designing – This is where you’ll see your project materialize as we get down to designing the complete user interface for the application. In this step, we’ll introduce you to the folks that will work for your project including design team lead, project manager, programming team lead, and the sales executives.
  • The 3rd D is for Development – We’ll finalize system architecture and database design in this step. We’ll also take care of server side programming, system integration, unit testing integration testing.
  • The 4th and the last one for Deployment – We take care of the website launch in this phase. We deliver source code and empower customer management protocols for your mobile app.

As noticeable enough, each phase of our app development process gets broken down and organized in step-by-step processes, throughout which we’ll interweave QA tasks, test builds, and incorporate feedback along the way.

And We Have an Environment Conducive to App Development!

With the experience of completing scores of project successfully, TheAppSmiths houses a professional environment suitable for developing award-winning apps. When you arrive at our office, you can witness a dynamic culture where we are dedicatedly working on different aspects of mobile application development.

We encourage our team to challenge themselves and work with the latest trends to reach that extra mile. We also foster an environment where everyone is disciplined about meeting deadlines. We remain inspired, but we are also concerned about our client requirements and project timeline. We love what we do.

So, are you planning to start your app development project? Get a free estimate by calling us directly. You can also fill up our query form or email our sales team.

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