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PhoneGap App Development–
The Next Generation Cult of the Digital World

The present day world has turned into a global village–thanks to the new advancements in handheld devices. In the realms of mobile advancement, the process of mobile app development has reached new heights. App developers today, are utilizing some of the most efficient development tools & frameworks to create revolutionary apps for the worldwide markets.

One such tool is PhoneGap!

PhoneGap is one of the most flexible cross platform frameworks for building mobile applications. It is great fit for iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire OS, Unbuntu, Tiuzen, and Blackberry 10 and a single application programmed for PhoneGap can easily function well on
all these platforms.

The Way We Play Around With PhoneGap is a Child's Play!

TheAppSmiths is home to some of the finest PhoneGap Developers in India who are fully proficient in app development and programming. Over the years, AppSmiths has established itself as one of the most focused PhoneGap app development company in India. With the help of skills and know-how of developing challenging mobile apps, we have crafted several award winning apps that are
benchmarked till date for quality and precision.

PhoneGap is another name for your gateway of access to cross platform app development. Utilizing its plus points, our developers aim at creating mobile apps that run on several devices with the same code base. Using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javascripts, our PhoneGap developers in India create applications for different mobile platforms.

PhoneGap is Changing the Way People Build Mobile Apps! Know Why

Though PhoneGap might sound a little uncommon, but it’s not! Infact, it is one of the best frameworks for your app development requirements. Let us tell you why:

  • PhoneGap is one of the most flexible cross platform frameworks. It is fit for devices like iOS and Android smartphones, Windows , phones, Windows 8, Amazon Fire OS, Unbuntu, Tiuzen, and Blackberry 10.
  • Sevreal plug-in interfaces and various developer-friendly tools are available within PhoneGap.
  • Lots of customization options are available for app’s display including a plethora of splashscreens and icons.
  • The easy to control command-line interface of the PhoneGap will allow you to create, build, and deploy mobile apps easily and quickly
  • PhoneGap is presently being used by more than 400,000 developers worldwide. You can expect great community support from it.

Why choose PhoneGap and our PhoneGap Application Developers

If you are still thinking, here are some points as to why you should choose our PhoneGap developers:

  • Custom PhoneGap development
  • Cross-platform framework compatibility
  • Proficiency in business optimized user-friendly apps
  • Persistent post-project support
  • Years of experience in all aspects of app development with PhoneGap framework
  • Third party integration of API
  • Testing and porting over multiple mobile platform
  • Dedicated PhoneGap developers
  • Affordable price for your entire development project
  • Development of best app using HTML5, JS & CSS3 technologies
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