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Okay, confused? Let’s come to the point–

A doctor doesn’t necessarily need to be a programmer to make a mobile app for his clinic. A stock market agent won’t be able to code an app for his benefit. And a CEO won’t ever get into the development of an application for his sales agents.

The multi-tasking is the talk of the old town and these days everyone looks for specialists, masters, and experts. We had foreseen a time where every single person follows a single role and he excels in it. That time has arrived. And when it comes to mobile games, only a ‘spoilt’ gamer-turned-game-developer can help you out!

We're Home to Big Time Gamers a.k.a. Game Developers!

At TheAppsmiths, we make great games we can be proud of! And the folks behind it are the reliable iPhone and Android game developers in India. TheAppsmiths fosters a quality-driven approach in everything and game development is no exception to this. Our game developers
are designers, coders, toy benders, innovators & trend setters and our team of professionals is quality-driven and highly
result-focused which enables us to build games that we can be proud of.

Our Game Developers – The Real Heroes Behind Appsmith’s Excellence!

We believe that game development is not merely a task; it’s a project that includes much more than a simple set of tasks. Following this methodology, our game developers initiate the project in a step-by-step manner focussing on all the other areas as well which are important besides actual programming. Be it laying the foundation of a new game or updating graphics of your pre-existing game, the complete cycle includes several stages. From creating ideas and characters to programming and testing, there are various tasks involved and our game developers take care of all these as well besides programming. Here’s a brief about the roles our game developers play:

  • Game artists: They create game visuals, characters, scenes, and graphics. They visualize and produce concept art and drawings related to the game’s theme. All this is done at the planning stage.
  • Game animators: Yes! They are the real deal. Animators are responsible for bringing characters, objects, and scenery to life with the help of modeling and animation software. This is the part of the production stage.
  • Game designers: They decide what a game would look like. How users are going to play it. Our designers incorporate client’s ideas and work mutually to develop the game focussing on user engagement & uniqueness.
  • Game programmers: They do the complex work. They create codes for the game and bring it to life.

TheAppsmiths brings Out of the Box
and Skills in Game Development

TheAppsmiths stands tall and stands different from other mobile game development companies for its creativity, smart work and well versed strategies. Mobile games created by our game developers in India are already doing successful business in the app markets worldwide. By using advanced technologies like CoCos 2D, unity 2D, XNA framework, etc. we are always trying to bring something new to the game development arena.

Our skills & Expertise also include:

  • Macromedia, Flex, etc. for Flash based games
  • HTML5 games for latest browsers
  • Xcode for iOS based games
  • Java for Android based games
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