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Stuck in a line at the airport with a child? Waiting at a grocery store with your kid crying by your side? Well, you can’t help but hand over your Apple Device to your kid for he loves playing his favorite game on the device. Yes, people love playing games and who’s at the end enjoying high revenue and ROI? The game owners!

Luckily, games can impart some great skills to not only children, but adults as well and the best part is - all this is done alongside having fun with the game. Some iPhone games are seriously relaxing too! The games that do not require strategic or intellectual thinking like Mega Run, subway surfer, jetpack joyride, are great for getting a break from the usual daily life. And there’s more to iPhone game development than what meets the eye. They are used for marketing, promoting and spreading the word of your business ventures.

Overall, the aura of gaming surrounds our lives. You just have to hear its name and you start picturing the stages from your favourite game. Such scenarios have brought about a revolution in the Gaming Industry over the past few years. Again, the maximum benefit from this revolution has gone to the Game Owners and as far as iPhones are concerned, the evolution of iPhone Game Development Companies is attributed for this revolution itself.

TheAppSmiths– We're not Just Skilled Gamers but also
Skilled iPhone Game Developers!

If you have an idea of a game that promises to become the next angry birds, temple run, or candy crush saga, you have come a right place. TheAppSmiths has you covered. TheAppSmiths is your ultimate source for getting some of the world’s most visually enticing and technically superior games developed. With globally acknowledged repute, AppSmiths stands tall in the forte of creating innovative & productive games.

iPhone and iPad gaming is all about entertainment! And we take entertainment very seriously. While the idea revolves around helping you achieve your core business goals, we help you market smartly and retain customers through fun-filled and action-packed games.

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Different Genres of Games, TheAppSmiths Can Deliver

TheAppSmiths is one of the leading mobile and iPad game development outsourcing companies in India. And yes, we prove this time & again as we emerge to be in the list of best ones in different categories every year. Our unique game development expertise will make you wonder why you didn’t choose TheAppSmiths earlier.

We are proficient in developing iPhone and iPad games across a variety of genres including:

  • Strategy games
  • Promotional games
  • Racing games
  • Triviaa games
  • Adventure games
  • Action games
  • Puzzle games
  • Arcade games
  • Educational games
  • Card games

And There Are Reasons Why AppSmiths Excels in
iPhone Game Development!

We are an iPhone and iPad game development company in India that does not force innovation; we shape our environment to foster it. We believe that true innovation dwells only in a free ecosystem where ideas are allowed to take birth. During the complete game development cycle, we encourage everyone to put forward their finest ideas, and then we pick out the best resulting in a supreme gaming app.

We foster a culture where imagination forms a part of the very core of our values. We promote a smooth workflow of ideas. We learn from our mistakes. We create! We innovate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions related to custom game development that our clients frequently ask. If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • What Are the Hiring Models for Game Development Outsourcing?

    We understand that not every project is the same, hence the hiring models are not the same as well. This is why we have different types of hiring models that would suit almost every client who seeks our game development outsourcing services.

    Here is a glance at our hiring models:

    • Full Time Hiring – You can hire dedicated developers for full-time and the developer will work exclusively on your iPad game development project.
    • Part Time Hiring – This s suitable for low-cost and small projects where changes or editions are required on the games. The developer works half time i.e. 4 hours a day.
    • Hourly Hiring – This is a flexible hiring model where you pay only for the hours used so you can keep a track of your budget with this program.
  • Can you iPhone game development team Work with our in-house team?

    Yes of course. At TheAppSmiths, we are flexible enough to take care of your special business needs when you hire us for game development outsourcing. In the past also we have handled some projects where we worked with the in-house teams of iPad game developers of the clients. We would collaborate with them about the projects and offer them technical support, as per the requirements of the project. Our design team, at the same time, can offer mobile app designing support is there is no need to hire a full-time team of professionals. So yes, we are quite comfortable working with your team of experts. Two heads are better than one.

  • Do you have an in-house team or you outsource the game development work to other companies?

    We are simply against this methodology where people would get projects from global companies claiming that they can handle the project and then outsource the work to other small companies or freelancers. At TheAppSmiths, we have a certified team of skilled professionals in iPad game development in India who are capable enough to handle the game development outsourcing project easily, regardless to their complexity level. So, we follow the in-house development team rule. From the very first project discussion and wireframing to the last bit of testing and marketing, we do it all on our own with our experts.

  • Will your mobile game development team work on my time zone?

    We feel privileged to be living in a country like India that is almost equally spread from all major countries in terms of time zone. This makes us able to work with global clients as per their convineince on their iPad game development projects. However, if you have a specific requirement and would like a team that works exclusively on your iPhone game development project in India according to your time zone, then we can change our working style to match your time zone. This can be discussed over the first stage of project discussion so that we can match things according to your specific requirements.

  • How can we start the ipad game development work?

    The process of working with TheAppSmiths on an iPad game development project is quite simple and hassle free. You can simply connect with us through the ‘Contact Us’ form. Share all the contact details along with a brief about your iPad game idea so that we can connect with you over the email or phone call, as per your convenience. A project manager will discuss with you to have a good understanding of your expectations so we can offer a detailed quotation on the pricing. When everything is discussed and agreed, we sign a Non-Disclosure agreement so you can be sure about the safety of your unique iphone game development idea.

  • What is the total cost for game development in India?

    Outsourcing game development is not like buying a template. This is why there is no set price for the mobile game development India. There are various factors that affect the pricing of the iPad game development services offered by TheAppSmiths. The factors like the type of hiring model you choose, the complexity level, time required, technology used and other things can be the reasons for fluctuations in the pricing of ipad game development India. However, a simple game development outsourcing project with basic design and features will cost you as low as $5000 and as you keep increasing the level of work, the price can go up to $50000.

  • What game development technologies does TheAppSmiths can work on?

    The use of technologies on the mobile game development depends upon the type and the level of complexity of the game development project. As a professional brand in outsource iphone game development services, TheAppSmiths takes pride in having worked with different technologies like:

    • HTML5
    • Java
    • Unity
    • Python
    • React Native
    • Xamarin
    • Flutter

    Additionally, we also combine the Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technologies to add something unique and impactful to the iPhone games as our mobile apps are designed to deliver the unmatched user experience.

  • Can you create multiplayer games without a server?

    At TheAppSmiths, we have been working on different types of game development outsourcing projects in India from clients across the world. For the clients, we have worked on various types of iPad and iPhone game development projects, including the ones where the multiple games are created without a server, but it is always suggested to have a one. The reason here is that when you have a server for your mobile app, it will help solve the problem of security and double-checks data and software to make sure it’s not tampered with. So, yes we can create multiple-player games without a server.

  • What Kind of Games Can TheAppSmiths Build?

    We have worked on 1000s of iPad game development projects for our clients and all of them have been different to each other. Whether it is a new and completely unique mobile game development idea or you want to create a replica of a mobile app, we can work on all kinds of ideas. Additionally, we can work on multiplayer as well as single-player mobile games that are made from different types of technologies to create a range of gaming apps like:

    • Adventure
    • Arcade
    • Platform
    • Puzzle
    • Strategy
    • Shooter
    • Role-play
    • Sports and racing
    • Music
    • Arts
  • Can you make one app (game) which would work on all platforms (like iPhone, iPad, Android)?

    Of course, we are the game development specialists in working with all the platforms to create mobile apps. Whether you want to create an iPhone game in India that works exclusively iPhone, or need a mobile app that is designed to work on iOS as well as Android platforms, we can work on them with the same level of expertise. For the cross-platform mobile apps, we use frameworks to develop the main application and then deploy it across your desired platforms. But, it is always suggested to create a mobile app that works on a single platform, especially when it is a heavy one and has been developed with complex development methods.