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Heard of iOS? Now let the Masses Hear of You!

Apple is a patient player – they weren’t the very first to make an MP3 player, or a smartphone, or a tablet. BUT, they made sure when they go to the market, they go with the very best device in the world. And they have been successful in this for everyone is in love with the Apple devices, the iOS and its apps.

Since iOS apps have reached a wider audience in the recent years, it’s easy to communicate to millions of iOS users through amazing apps. It’s for this reason businesses and individuals do not want to miss out on this opportunity of getting access to the masses.

So, are you getting your share of this opportunity? Do you have a presence in the apple store?
If not, you might as well be missing out on revenues!

Fortunately, you don’t need to take the entire iOS app development process in your hands, as you can now outsource it to a well-established company that is built on the pillars of app development excellence. After all, who would like to learn the mind-numbing coding techniques of app development?


TheAppSmiths–Where there’s commitment to excellence!

At AppSmiths, we boast of a culture where competent app developers of India work hard to steer your app ideas in right direction through impressive iOS app development solutions. We have been building web & mobile app solutions since a decade now and have delivered a variety of applications to clients in 20+ countries worldwide. While we have worked for some of the biggest names of the
corporate world, we have also helped small businesses grow and build their success stories through iOS apps.

TheAppSmiths is indeed the perfect example of a company showcasing the benefits of outsourcing iOS app development to an offshore agency. But, besides iOS Apps, you can also outsource Android and HTML5 app development and we can
offer you all these solutions under one roof.

Our Design & Development Process is what Keeps Us Ahead!

When you outsource a project involving iOS app development to us, you will come across a process fueled with innovation, forward thinking, and zealous brainstorming. We believe that the true measure of success lies in the results we deliver to our clients. This is why we have made our design & development process trouble-free and effectual as our clients want it to be. The main aspects of the process cover the following:

  • Initial discussion with the client to understand overall requirements
  • Understanding the profile of the audience you wish to target through the app
  • Creation of a Software Requirement Specifications and other associated documents
  • The overall theme design for the iOS app to be developed
  • Programming the dynamic features of the application and testing the application at various use-cases
  • Planning & Managing the Live Deployment for the application

Still Not Convinced Why Choose Us?

Believe it or not, everything we do and everything we deliver is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible ROI and a prominent repute in the app market. When you outsource your iOS app development to us, our professional designers and developers will meticulously work on your project while keeping you in the loop. We can assure you that, unlike many other iOS development agencies, we are going to be with you at every step during the app development process.

We are all set to get going with your project.

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